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Application Process:

  • Applicants to the Mountainview boarding program will submit a boarding application along with their application to school. 
  • On testing day, in addition to procedures involved in school admissions, an interview will be set up between the applicant, his/her parents, the boarding administrator, and the boarding home parents. 
  • Applicants will be notified concerning dorm acceptance at the same time they are notified concerning school acceptance. Only applicants who are admitted to Mountainview may have a place in our boarding program.
  • Admission to school does not guarantee admission to the dormitory. 
  • Students who are admitted to the school but placed on a waiting list for the dorm will by notified by the first week of August.


Admissions: Acceptance into the boarding home program will be based on…

1. Submission of a completed Boarding Application form.

2. Satisfactory interview with the boarding parents.

3. Acceptance into the school.

4. Space availability in the appropriate dormitory.


Priorities for Admission: If dormitory spaces are limited, admission priority is given in the following order:

1. Child whose parents live more than two hours from Salatiga.

a. Child whose parents work for a non-profit Christian organization [NPCO] from North America*

b. Child of NPCO parents – not from North America*

c. Child whose parents work for or own businesses in Indonesia [business]*

*Within each of these categories, priority would be granted to families who live in areas with limited educational options.

2. Child whose parents live within a 2-hour drive (commuting distance) of Salatiga (typically Semarang or Solo residence) **

a. Child of NPCO parents from North America.

b. Child of NPCO parents – not from North America

c. Child of business parents

**Boarding admission for those who live within commuting distance will not be confirmed until the first week of August. Note also that boarding space is granted on a year-by-year basis for students who can commute. Thus, acceptance into the dorm for a given year does not guarantee space for the following year.


Please click below to download a pdf or Word document of our boarding application form. If you wish to apply for boarding, please print the pdf or download the Word document, complete it, and return it by on of the following methods:

- email an attachment to
- fax to 62-298-321609
- mail to

Mountainview International Christian School
P.O. Box 142
Salatiga 50711 Jateng


Here is the link for Boarding Home Application Form:
Boarding Home Application Form

    Boarding Home Application Form


    This information must be presented during the interview with the Boarding Home Parents and the Administrator.  

    To be considered for dorm admission, this application must be completed, all attachments must be included, all references must be received and the guardianship paper must be signed by both parent and guardian.


  • Student Information

    PERSONAL INFORMATION: (to be filled out by Parent)

  • 1.
  • 2.
  • 3.
  • 4.
  • 5.
  • 6.
  • 7.
  • 8.
  • 9.
  • 10.
  • PERSONAL INFORMATION: (to be filled out by Student)

  • 11.
  • Note: 

    • If you marked this box, please write a testimony of your Christian experience on another sheet of paper and attach it to this form.
    • If you marked No, please write how you think you would feel living under Christian standards, having dorm devotions, etc. on another sheet of paper and attach it to this form.
  • 12.
  • (Note: We may ask them for secondary references as well.)


    By asking that our child be admitted to a dorm, we are stating that we understand and agree to abide by dorm policies.

    We understand that although care will be taken to prevent accidents to the students while under boarding supervision, sometimes accidents are unavoidable. If an accident should occur, we authorize Boarding personnel to take appropriate emergency action until parents or legal guardians can be contacted. In doing so, Mountainview Christian School will not be held liable. We understand that boarding staff cannot provide care for all serious injuries and illnesses, and that a parent or guardian may be required to provide the necessary care.

    In addition we understand that our child is to have a legal guardian residing in Salatiga who is

    authorized to make any parental decision in our place.


    We have read the current “Dorm Student Handbook” in its entirety and discussed the issue of dorm parent authority. We commit to living cooperatively within the rules and guidelines of the Mountainview Boarding Program.

    Student Signature __________________________________________________ Date

    Mother’s Signature_________________________________________________ Date

    Father’s Signature_________________________________________________ Date


    *Admission Checklist


    a) Have you given your three references to teachers and/or pastors?

    b) Have you answered all questions?

    c) Have you included testimony/Christian lifestyle statement?

    d) Have parents and students signed the agreement?

    e) Have you included a copy of the signed guardian form?

  • 13.