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Welcome to the Co-ed Boarding Program at Mountainview Christian School! We are delighted to extend a warm invitation to students seeking not only academic excellence but also a nurturing environment deeply rooted in Christian values. Here, students will find a supportive and caring community of educators, staff, and fellow students who share a commitment to Christ. Our program is designed to not only challenge and inspire academically but also to nurture character, instill a sense of purpose, and encourage a lifelong journey of faith.

Our boarding experience is designed to foster a supportive and enriching environment, where students from diverse backgrounds come together to form lasting connections and lifelong memories. Our dedicated boarding staff is committed to providing a nurturing home away from home, ensuring a secure and comfortable space for academic growth, personal development, and the building of lifelong friendships. Join us in creating a community where every student feels valued and inspired to excel. We look forward to welcoming you into the heart of our boarding family at Mountainview.

Boarding Program: Purpose & Philosophy

  1. Applicants to the Mountainview boarding program will submit a boarding application along with their school application. 
  2. On testing day, in addition to the procedures involved in school admissions, an interview will be set up with the applicant, his/her parents, the boarding administrator, and the boarding home parents.
  3. Applicants will be notified of boarding acceptance simultaneously with their notification of school acceptance. Please note that only applicants admitted to Mountainview will be eligible for a place in our boarding program.
  4. It's important to emphasize that admission to the school does not guarantee admission to the dormitory. 
  5. Students admitted to the school but placed on a waiting list for the dorm will receive notifications by the first week of August.
  6. Print the PDF or download the Word document, complete the forms and email to    

Download the Boarding Application Form PDF

Download the Boarding Application Form Word

Reference Form - Pastor or Counselor 

Reference Form - Teacher 

Contingency Temporary Guardian 

Acceptance into the Boarding Program will be based on the following criteria: 

  1. Submission of a completed Boarding application form
  2. Satisfactory interview with Boarding parents and administrator 
  3. Acceptance into the school
  4. Space availability 

Mountainview's Boarding Program can accommodate up to 20 students. Due to limited space and high demand, the Boarding administrator has established the following criteria to prioritize admissions:

Child whose parents live more than two hours away from Salatiga 

  • Child whose parents work for a non-profit Christian organization [NPCO] from North America*
  • Child of NPCO parents – not from North America*
  • Child whose parents work for or own businesses in Indonesia [business]

**Within each of these categories, priority would be granted to families who live in areas with limited educational options.

Child whose parents live within a 2-hour drive (commuting distance) of Salatiga (typically Semarang or Solo residence) **

  • Child of NPCO parents from North America.
  • Child of NPCO parents – not from North America
  • Child of business parents

**Boarding admission for those who live within commuting distance will not be confirmed until the first week of August. Note also that boarding space is granted on a year-by-year basis for students who can commute. Thus, acceptance into the dorm for a given year does not guarantee space for the following year. 

Mountainview's Boarding Program offers a limited stay program as an expression of our desire to minister to students who require supervision and housing while their parents need to be away from Salatiga. This program allows current day students to continue attending classes without interruption during their parents’ absence. As the name implies, the dorms are willing to provide care on a short-term basis with a maximum of 10 days total per semester. Please contact the Dorm Administrator for application and details at 

Short-stay application forms are available online and from the school secretary. Applications should be filled out by the parents and submitted to the office two weeks in advance with a 200.000 IDR  non-refundable deposit. The deposit is applicable to the short-stay fees.

Applications will be considered on a case-by-case basis by the Dorm Administrator. Not all short stay requests may be approved as available space and dorm dynamics are considered when processing applications. Short-stay boarders are not scheduled during the first and last weeks of each semester, holiday weekends or when the dorms are closed.

There is a fee for a short stay in the boarding program which will be charged to the parents’ school account. This fee includes lodging, meals, dorm snacks, towels, and linens. Contact the Residence Life department for fee details. If the dorm happens to have a special activity or trip planned during the student’s short stay, the student may be asked to pay their own expenses. If a student is left in the dorm beyond their reservation date without communication from the parents, there will be a 25% increase per additional day added to the daily rate.

Communication between parents and dorm parents is crucial to ensure a positive experience for short-stay boarders. At least one parent is expected to personally meet with the dorm parents before a student is left in the dorm.

Short-stay boarding students are required to sign a commitment form indicating their desire to support and obey the guidelines of the dorm handbook and staff.

Here is the link for Boarding Short Stay Application: