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Finalized in the Fall of 2020, Mountainview’s expected student outcomes reflect the most important qualities a person must have to be successful in our rapidly changing world, as identified by our staff, families, students, and alumni. 

Since our new expected student outcomes were published, Mountainview has been working on aligning our goals in all departments to achieve our Portrait of a Graduate objectives.

Teachers, when planning lessons in all subject matter, incorporate the teaching and development of these qualities and intentionally train and teach students in these skills and traits.

We have developed rubrics for each grade band that outline what these outcomes might look like at each developmental stage.  Teachers use these rubrics to evaluate student growth and achievement. Elementary report cards include reporting the development of each ESO on a 4-point scale.  We also use these rubrics to determine which students in each grade level are displaying and/or showing growth in each ESO, and we acknowledge them at our award ceremonies at the end of the year.