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Portrait of a Graduate Story


After 10 years since revising Mountainview’s expected student outcomes, we began to question our staff, families, students, and alumni about what they thought were the most important qualities in a person to be most successful in our rapidly changing world.  We wanted to ensure that our expected student outcomes were capturing our school community’s vision for our students.

We sent out our first surveys in August 2019 that questioned our community’s most important character traits that would help our students be most successful, then had our first meeting with the community in September 2019 that focused on discussing why it was important to develop a vision for our expected student outcomes. 

Then, in November 2019 we had our second meeting with the community that focused on developing four to six statements that reflected the vision of our school community, based on the survey findings.

In November and December, people had the opportunity to send ideas for the visual of our expected student outcomes.

In January 2020 we had our third meeting that focused on choosing our visual from the ideas that were sent.  The Portrait of a Graduate committee members chose the visual, then the visual was printed and shared with the Mountainview community in August 2020.

Since our new expected student outcomes were published, Mountainview has been working on aligning our goals in all departments to achieve our Portrait of a Graduate objectives.

*Announcement with pics, other drawings that weren’t chosen, etc.

Mountainview Expected Student Outcomes (ESOs)