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Fine Art

Our Fine Arts program at Mountainview caters to the changing needs of our student body, as well as our fluctuating teaching staff, through course offerings and planned events.


Goals for Our Fine Arts Program 

1. To glorify and honor God with our artistic, dramatic and musical talents
2. To bless others with our artistic, dramatic and musical skills
3. To develop, learn to care for, and use our God-given talents
4. To improve our skills and develop character through discipline, training and hard work
5. To promote an appreciation for the arts and beauty in our community
6. To explore a variety of avenues to worship and experience God and His creation
7. To open new doors and create relationships with the surrounding community.


Fine Arts classes are offered on a rotating schedule including Photography, Creative Writing, Acting 1, Advanced Acting, Worship Drama, Stage Movement, Shakespeare, Jazz Ensemble, Choir, Advanced Choir, Musical Performance and Tech Crew, Worship Dance, Pep Band, Advanced Art, and Music and Art Appreciation.

Each year we put on two set plays: the 8th grade play during second quarter and a spring play (with open auditions) during fourth quarter.

Christmas is a delightful time for musical performances, whether from our elementary music classes, 7th grade music, choir, jazz ensemble, the chapel class, or mix of several groups.

Our Art department exhibits on-going work in several school displays as well as at large events such as the Christmas program and graduation. Several teachers and students participate weekly in an Art Club for personal work and peer critique.

Most performance art takes place in the Liles Center auditorium in the center of the campus. But occasionally plays, concerts, and worship may venture out into the pavilion, open lawns or other campus buildings.

We are always looking for talented, God-fearing teachers who can honor God by developing quality artistic talents in our students. Are you one such person? Contact us at