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Hadassah The Musical

HADDASAH The Musical



Director Notes 
I wanted to take a moment to express my sincere gratitude for your presence at this event centered around the remarkable story of Esther. The narrative of Esther goes beyond a tale of love; it is the journey of someone chosen with a purpose. Who would have thought that an orphan Jewish girl would one day ascend the throne of a powerful dynasty like Persia? What might seem like a coincidence turned out to be a great deliverance for the Jewish people. Through scenes that evoke both laughter and deep contemplation, we have aimed to share this grand story, which left an indelible mark on generations. It's a tale so impactful that Jews celebrate the festival of Purim to this day. Purim, in essence, is a commemoration of the miraculous events surrounding Esther, illustrating the triumph of good over evil and the protection of the Jewish people. While the Book of Esther is unique in the Bible for not explicitly mentioning the name of God, one can discern His presence in every moment of this narrative. It prompts us to reflect on the idea that even in the most unexpected places, and even when it seems like God is not overtly acting, He is there. Even when humanity attempts to erase the image of God, the Lord remains steadfast. "God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble." - Psalm 46:1

Soli Deo Gloria, 
Allan Vieira

Act 1: 
The great Persian empire under the reign of King Xerxes 
Scene 1 - The party of all parties 
Scene 2 - An unexpected decline 
Scene 3 - The excellent plan 
Scene 4 - Ordinary day in Susa 
Scene 5 - Beauty queen pageant 
Scene 6 - An out-of-the-blue dance 
Scene 7 - The wedding

Act 2: 
Scene 1 - Ordinary day in the palace 
Scene 2 - The discovered plot 
Scene 3 - The promotion 
Scene 4 - Annihilation 
Scene 5 - A cry for deliverance 
Scene 6 - A banquet planned 
Scene 7- Banquet hysterics 
Scene 8 - Ruined festivities 
Scene 9 - Forgotten reward Scene 10 - Mordecai! 
Scene 11 - Ruined 
Scene 12 - The secret is revealed 
Scene 13 - Lord of Host