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General Admissions Policies

Acceptance of new students will be determined by eligibility and testing results, the capacity of our facilities, and current staffing.


An applicant will only be admitted in accordance with Indonesian government regulations.

  1. The applicant and the parents must hold a valid KITAS or visa DINAS.
  2. At least one parent must be living in Indonesia.
  1. An applicant must be age 5 (five) before September 1st to enter Kindergarten. **Current age is calculated from date of birth
  2. Any new students are not normally admitted as seniors.
  3. Upon entrance, a new student will be placed in the grade with appropriate age cohort **exception may apply in secondary so that credits requirement can be met prior to graduation, and so that his/her age does not exceed 20 prior to entering his/her senior year



age 5 by August 31st


7th grade

age 12 by August 31st

1st grade

age 6 by August 31st


8th grade

age 13 by August 31st

2nd grade

age 7 by August 31st


9th grade

age 14 by August 31st

3rd grade

age 8 by August 31st


10th grade

age 15 by August 31st

4th grade

age 9 by August 31st


11th grade

age 16 by August 31st

5th grade

age 10 by August 31st


12th grade

age 17 by August 31st

6th grade

age 11 by August 31st




  1. Completed Application Form online (available on Mountainview’s website
  2. Completed Boarding Application Form available online (if applicable)
  3. Admissions Fee of Rp. 600,000 per applicant, non-refundable. Here's the banking information to transfer the admission fee.

BCA Rupiah Salatiga

Acct No : 013 – 0358888

Acct Name : YSIK/Mountainviewics

Make sure that you send the receipt to us so that we can verify the payment.

  1. Birth Certificate.
  2. Photocopy of Passport (cover page, picture page, vital information pages, and expiration date) of both the applicant and the applicant's father.
  3. Photocopy of the Limited Stay Permit (KITAS) or Dinas for both the applicant and the applicant's father. If the KITAS is in process, a letter from the sponsoring agency or company is required, and the copy of new KITAS must be sent within 30 days of enrollment.
  4. Recommendation letter from the most recently school.
  5. Academic Records:

For students applying to enter grades K-9, at least a year of previous educational records (transcript or last report card) from the school most recently attended. Education records from non-English speaking schools must be officially translated into English.

For students applying to enter grades 10-12, transcripts for ALL completed high school grades (not just report cards, and not just the most recent year). Education records from non-English speaking schools must be officially translated into English.

  1. One (1) current photographs of the applicant (3 cm x 4 cm) attached to the online application.

MCS classroom instruction is in English only. Therefore, in order for MCS to accept new students we must determine the applicant's level of English proficiency and our current resources to meet any deficiencies. Once this information has been gathered it will become part of the applicant’s profile in determining whether an admission is granted or not. 

  1. English language proficiency test will be administered prior to acceptance of any new student who is an English Language Learner. 
  2. Level of expected proficiency may vary depending on grade level of admittance, Fall or Spring entrance, current class sizes, available teacher support, current class makeup of English Language Learners  

MCS has two dorms available for students of grades 7-12 if parents desire their children to live on campus.

Parents must agree to the applicant's participation in the school's religious activities and biblical studies. See the Application for Admission Form – Authorization. If a parent cannot agree to this, the applicant will not be admitted.

New students are accepted according to the admissions calendar. Special permission will be required if a student wishes to enter school three weeks or more after the semester has begun.

Newly admitted students are on probationary status for one year. Their reenrollment and or promotion at Mountainview for a second school year will depend on their academic success and their adjustment to school culture and policies. Failure to meet standards may necessitate a student's being placed in a lower grade, repeating the current grade, or even withdrawing from Mountainview. ELL students, especially, must demonstrate the ability to succeed in an all-English environment. This determination is made at each grading cycle. Of course, no student is guaranteed a continuing place at Mountainview, even after the probationary period, if school policies are not respected. Note that capital levy fees are non-refundable if a student is unable to reenroll.

ELL students who do not attend Mountainview for a year or more may be required to take another ESL test for readmission.

Mountainview does not discriminate on the basis of gender, race, color, or ethnic origin in admissions or administration of its policies and programs.


Mountainview Christian School

English Language Learning Policy 


Our END GOAL is all MCS Graduates will be able to speak, listen, read, and write using proficient English so that they will be successful in a North American University. 

While at MCS, English proficiency has a dynamic impact on students’ performance in all content areas.  Therefore, it is critical for ALL MCS students to speak, listen, read, and write with English appropriate to their grade level.  

With these goals in mind, MCS had developed an ELL policy to help identify the students who need more support. Through this policy we will communicate clearly with parents the purpose of our ELL program and their student’s status and current progress. We will also communicate with parents what MCS is doing to help their student and the ways parents can assist their student’s progress.   

HOW DO WE KNOW which students need more extra help in English? 

All new secondary students, 7th to 12th grade, or any secondary student receiving ELL support will complete MCS English proficiency assessment including: 

NWEA MAP Reading Test 

MCS Listening Proficiency Assessment 

MCS Writing Proficiency Assessment 

Students will complete this proficiency assessment on an annual basis (April / May of each school year)  until the student reaches grade-level English proficiency.   

With this assessment data and classroom teachers’ feedback from direct observation, the English department faculty will identify those students who need additional ELL support.  


In 7th and 8th grade 

English classes are divided into two cohorts based on current English language proficiency.

During 3rd period, ELL students will participate in an additional ELL support class.

Each ELL student will receive a clear list of individual strengths and weaknesses in English Proficiency so that their progress may be directed.  


In 9th -12th grade 

During 4th period, ELL students will participate in an additional ELL support class.

Each ELL student will receive a clear list of individual strengths and weaknesses in English Proficiency so that their progress may be directed.

The intention of these supports is to help strengthen students’ English proficiency so that they will be more successful in all their classes at Mountainview and be better prepared for the demands of University in the North American context. 


Students can be promoted from MCS ELL Support …. 

After demonstrating grade level proficiency on the Annual English Proficiency Assessment (given in April / May) AND the English department faculty unanimously agree on the student’s readiness to exit the MCS ELL program.  

Following 1 semester in the ELL support program, if a student does not demonstrate satisfactory progress, the English teacher will communicate directly to student and parent to notify them of concern.  This communication will include specific areas needing improvement.  Together; teacher, student, and parent will develop a plan for improvement.    

Following 1 year in the ELL support program, if a student does not demonstrate satisfactory progress, the following consequences may be imposed:

Required after-school tutoring on Mountainview campus for additional fee.

Restrictions in advanced classes. Student may not enroll in advanced classes, AP classes, or a class above his/her grade level until he/she gains grade level proficiency in English.

Limited electives. To facilitate more direct support for English development, student must participate in an additional ELL support class in lieu of other elective options.

Limited extracurricular activities. Student may not participate in extracurricular activities (athletics, fine arts, student activities) until he/she demonstrate satisfactory proficiency.

In serious situations, student will repeat entire grade level. If English proficiency continues to impact learning in other content areas, student may be required to repeat an entire grade level.   

In severe situations, enrollment to MCS for the following school year may be denied.  The student can not continue as a student at MCS.