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Warmest greetings from the Athletic Department at Mountainview Christian School. Thanks for visiting our web page. I hope you enjoy your time browsing what we have to offer.

The purpose of the Mountainview athletic program is to provide a setting in which our student athletes can glorify God through the development of personal character, sportsmanship, self discipline and Christ-like attitudes. Our students-athletes are encouraged to do their best and, in victory or defeat, demonstrate both grace and dignity.

Athletics at Mountainview is truly a blessing to students, parents, volunteers and our community. We continue to strive to honor Christ on and off the field, and in every competition. We believe the life skills and character learned in athletics helps provide students with another necessary tool needed to live fruitful and victorious Christian lives.

We appreciate your support of Mountainview athletics. We hope your involvement as a player, parent or fan will be a blessing. Please continue to pray that God will be glorified in the competition of all our athletic teams.


What We Offer



Basketball is probably the most popular of the sports we offer, and our games regularly draw big crowds from the school community.  Both our boys’ and girls’ varsity teams have a tradition of success, and both were 2018 conference champions of IISSAC (Indonesian International Small School Activity Conference).

Boys’ Varsity

Our Varsity boys’ team competes against local Indonesian school and club teams. They also compete in local and regional tournaments. The Varsity boys were most recently IISSAC conference champions in 2018

Girls’ Varsity

Our Varsity girls’ team competes against local Indonesian school and club teams. They also compete in local and regional tournaments. The Varsity girls were IISSAC basketball champions from 2015-2018, and runner-up in 2019. 


We offer girls volleyball and boys volleyball (dependent on number of interested participants).  We play local teams throughout the season and alternate years of hosting or attending a mixed tournament of international and local schools (at our school or at Surabaya Intercultural School).


Swimming is one of the sports that both elementary and secondary students can participate in.  We have a lovely 8-lane swimming pool where students can improve in their strokes and train to compete in the IISSAC swim meet at the end of the season.  Sometimes Swim Club is offered (dependent on available instructors) to help new swimmers improve in introductory and basic swimming skills.


Badminton is a popular sport among our students.  We offer both a boys' and girls' badminton team.  At the end of the season, our teams attend an IISSAC Invitational Badminton tournament in which singles and doubles compete for individual medals as well as a team banner.

Cross Country

Running clubs for elementary as well as secondary students are usually offered (dependent on availability of coaches) at various times throughout the school year.  An official Cross Country season happens once a year in which select elementary and secondary students train to compete in various races (1500m, 3k, 5k).  We host at least one race each year where we invite students from local schools to participate.

Intramural Tournaments

We offer various intramural tournaments throughout the year such as 3-on-3 basketball and indoor soccer.

Indonesian International Small Schools Activity Conference (IISSAC)

The name, adopted by the founding members on April 24, 2004, reflects the mission and vision as stated below.  (IISSAC  is pronounced:  “ee-sack”)

IISSAC was formed in April 2004 with the Mission and Vision: To promote interaction between international schools in Indonesia through friendly competition and other character building activities. Membership is open to all International Schools within Indonesia that have a K-12 enrollment of less than 350 students.

The conference currently includes

Surabaya Intercultural School 

Bali Island School

Mountainview Christian School

Bandung Alliance Intercultural School

Wesley School  

The IISSAC competition includes Soccer, Basketball and Swimming and it is part of the commitment to the conference that each member school attends every tournament and fields both a girls’ and boys’ team.