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Mountainview is a multinational Christian school that grounds its educational philosophy in biblical truths, dedicated to fostering both spiritual growth and academic excellence among its students. Our curriculum is intentionally crafted with a Christian emphasis and worldview, aiming to equip students for a whole-hearted response to God's calling.

Our vision statement reflects how important we think that is: We pursue excellence in a place of grace, so that lives will be transformed by Christ to impact the world.

We seek to provide many opportunities for our students to not only be the recipients of biblical teaching, but to be givers as well. We want our students to be committed followers of Jesus Christ, and to be able and willing messengers to carry that message to others who don’t yet know him.

Goals for Service & Spiritual Growth Projects and Programs

  1. To glorify God by serving others
  2. To impact the world for Christ
  3. To demonstrate Christ’s love by our action
  4. To share our blessings with those in need
  5. To give students a chance to live out what they are learning
  6. To learn from experiences outside our safe culture
  7. To learn to face physical, mental, and emotional challenges with faith in Christ

Some of the many spiritually-centered programs and activities provided on and off campus are:

Bible-Related Classes
Gifted and committed Christian secondary and elementary teachers lead courses in such subjects as Bible, Christian theology, aplogetics, discipleship, and worship leadership.

Part of each week’s Bible classes is specifically designated as a devotional time, not only to assess the students’ spiritual lives, but also to encourage them in positive spiritual growth.

Weekly Chapel Programs 
Students in the worship leadership class lead the student body in weekly chapel programs featuring Christian music, biblical teaching, Christian guest speakers, testimonies and prayer emphasis.

Spiritual Retreats 
Each year, elementary and secondary students are encouraged to attend one or more spiritual retreats, usually at off-campus locations, and with outside speakers and school teachers and parents providing Bible teaching and devotions. In such a setting, including times of prayer, testimonies, music and singing, students have opportunities for reflection and commitment of their lives to God.

Service Trips 
Students have opportunities to participate in community service trips where they can show the love of Christ in a practical, tangible project: rebuilding homes of poor families whose lives have been devastated by earthquakes or floods; helping poor families paint their homes or plant a garden; visiting orphanages, old-folks homes and hospitals; teaching English and giving testimonies in Indonesian schools.

Youth Groups 
These weekly meetings are usually organized through the local fellowship of expat Christians, and they are held on campus or in the homes of local families. While not always organized by the school, youth groups are always supported by the school through facilities, the involvement of staff and the scheduling of events to reserve this time. These programs have a spiritual emphasis, but also provide a chance to get away from school and academics and have some fun and fellowship with their friends.

On-Campus Visits by Local Groups 
Our students are involved in many opportunities to interact with local schools and members of the community at music concerts, dramas, and a variety of sporting events. National students and teachers from local schools take field trips to meet our students and practice English with them, and our classes sometimes visit other schools as well. We also participate in a "Life Sharing" program with another school, where we host their students in school and in homes as a cultural exchange opportunity. All of these interactions give our students give our students the chance to reach out to others, sharing their lives and their faith.

Dorm Devotions 
Dorm parents in both Sulawesi and Sumatra dorms lead the dorm students in devotions, often giving the students the opportunity to lead or to share in a more family-like environment.

Sunday Worship
Some students attend church off campus with their parents, but many, particularly those living in the dorms, attend Salatiga International Fellowship, with English-speaking weekly services in the campus auditorium. Mountainview supports this independent fellowship by offering facilities and by the involvement of staff families.