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Late 1970s'
A number of expatriates were doing ministry work in Central Java with the Christian Church and Bethany Fellowship. Several of these workers decided to begin a mother-taught school in Boyolali to better meet the educational needs of their school-age children. One of the families began to explore the possibility of officially opening an international school in order to bring trained, full-time teachers.

Fall 1981
Three teachers were invited to come to Indonesia to teach in such a school. Paperwork was being processed through the Departments of Education and Labor for the opening of the school. One teacher arrived in October, and the other two (our first superintendent and his wife) arrived in December. A house was rented that Fall on the quiet, one-way street of Osamaliki. All the rooms in the house, including the garage, were used as classrooms, except one for an office. A night guard was hired to watch the school at night and to do some yard work. There were FIFTEEN students, including three from the one teaching family. Some of the students lived far enough away that it was necessary for them to board. Local expatriate families opened their homes for weekday boarding for them.

“The school was established and is governed under the auspices of 


Spring 1982
This was the beginning. The official ceremony for opening of the Central Java Inter-Mission School was held in March of 1982, with government officials from the Department of Education in Jakarta and Salatiga present. Soon the number of students grew, and the original rented house was not large enough. That meant looking for a larger building and a quieter area. Osamaliki had become the two-way main route for traffic through Salatiga. A second house, unfinished, was found in the quieter Klaseman neighborhood. When the school was moved, the original “Osamaliki” house was refurbished as the first official dormitory. Dorm parents came, more teachers came, and more students came from many nations, expanding the world view of all of us.

The second school building was insufficient for the increasing student population. A high school facility was built on a piece of rented land not far from the second school building. The elementary school remained in the second school for a time. As the school approached its seventh year, the school board made the decision to plan boldly for the future, building its own buildings instead of using rented facilities. This allowed the school to expand and build according to the growing needs of the school.

A large plot of land was purchased by the organizing foundation and a new elementary school was built to accommodate the increasing number of students and staff. The old elementary school building became a second dormitory.

1990 through the present
There has been continual construction on the campus, which expanded to 13.5 acres. The land was cleared; and a secondary school building, two dorms, a soccer field, an auditorium, a shop building, a lunch pavilion, new elementary buildings, and a complete athletic complex with two full gymnasiums, weight room, locker rooms and swimming pool all have been built. We have expanded our campus in recent years to include a property adjacent to our front entrance.

In July 2001 the name was changed to Mountainview International Christian School.

In November 2014, the name was changed once more to Mountainview Christian School, aligning with Ministry of Education regulations that prohibit the use of the word "international" in a school name.

Over the years, the number of students increased to a high of 230, teachers to about 30, and Indonesian employees to about 80. The school board grew from representatives from two sending agencies to six. God has surely blessed through all the years of growth. A Christian teaching staff helps students grow spiritually, academically, socially, and physically.  Hundreds of families are benefited by the school’s presence. It is exciting to see the changes and growth over the years. God is using the school to bless the students as they are prepared to face the changes ahead of them and to impact their world for Christ.