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We affirm parents as the primary educators of their children.  Mountainview’s role is secondary and is meant to assist in partnership with parents.  Teachers are entrusted by parents as stewards of their children’s education and, accordingly, should work closely with parents to meet students’ educational needs.

We affirm that the Bible is the ultimate standard of truth and that the Holy Spirit teaches us discernment and guides us to know and love God.  We believe there is no distinction between “secular” and “sacred” truth; all truth originates with God.  Thus, educators, and education, in general, should enable students to see the unity of God’s creation and his special revelation.  This approach to a holistic, liberal arts education should logically lead students to a biblical worldview, causing students to adopt God’s interpretation in every aspect of life, which includes the idea of thinking eternally rather than temporally.  Consequently, education involves more than intellectual development; it also includes moral and social maturity, emotional and physical well-being, creative and artistic expression, and spiritual depth.

We affirm that education should cultivate an appreciation for God’s creativity and each individual’s value as a unique image bearer of the Creator, which should result in promoting and taking greater joy in beauty, creation, the arts, culture, and human relationships.

We affirm that children, as members of the human race, are fallen creatures, redeemed through Christ, yet they live in a fallen world.  Since children are not morally neutral beings, their education should be proactive in promoting godly living, morals, and worldview.

We affirm that the relationship between teachers and students should be modeled on Jesus’ manner with people.  It should emphasize the welfare of individuals above the acquisition of knowledge and be characterized by the fruits of the Spirit.  In applying discipline seasoned with grace, as led by the Holy Spirit, we hope to further assist students in knowing and understanding God.

We believe an education according to the above philosophy provides an opportunity for every student to become a responsible and productive part of society, impacting the world for God’s purpose and glory.