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Indonesian Language


While the language of instruction at Mountainview is English, we are located in an Indonesian community. We provide limited language tutoring for our teachers, and other options are available for more intense study during the "summer" break. Nevertheless, anything you can learn before you come will help you greatly!

Here are some links to help you become familiar with Bahasa Indonesia (Indonesian language). You'll be happy to know that it's much easier than English (especially in spelling, pronunciation and verb forms). Selamat belajar!


Selamat Datang! (Free language course offered by the University of Victoria)

This site gives you the opportunity to get acquainted with the Indonesian language and to do some interactive language exercises. At least one of our teacher candidates used this with great results before ever coming to Indonesia.



Dictionaries / Translators (Online Indonesian-English Dictionary)

This one has been found to be very useful by our teachers who have tried it. It can also be accessed via cell phone.

Kamus Orisinil (English-Indonesian Dictionary)

Translation tool. Works for both English-Indonesian and Indonesian-English searches.


Links to Other Sites (Many helpful web resources)

A short collection of useful links about Indonesia and Bahasa Indonesia, compiled by the University of Victoria.


Languages Online (Free resources for language teachers and students)

This link takes you straight to the Indonesian section. There are online and print activities to help you learn numbers, greetings and many everyday expressions. Pronunciations are included. It seems intended for children, but any beginner can learn a lot here.


Bahasa Kita (translated: Our Language)

Indonesian Language Practical Learning Site for Everybody. This one has some really helpful articles in English, although many are in Indonesian. Topics include issues like when (and how) to say thank you, how to ask for something, etc.