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MCS School Board

Serving Mountainview Christian School as

caretakers of its mission and purpose.


The MCS School Board desires to see the mission and purpose of Mountainview Christian School carried out in the best and most meaningful way possible for your children, your family, and the greater Christian community in Indonesia. To accomplish this, we work with the School Superintendent to ensure that the mission, purpose, and goals of MCS are being met.  Each member of the board cares deeply for the school—students, staff, and administration—and desires to govern MCS well as it provides quality, Christian education for families throughout Indonesia.  


Current Board Members

  • D.J. Searcy - Chairperson
  • Linda Joyner - Treasurer (serves as Vice-Chairperson)
  • Anita Dudek - Secretary
  • Brent Armistead
  • Gert Jan de Graaf
  • Steven Fairbanks
  • Paul Suh
  • Betsy Kirk


Please feel free to contact the MCS School Board directly at:



The MCS School Board operates under the Carver Model of Policy Governance, which allows the board to set long-term goals and objectives for the school while, at the same time, making sure those goals and objectives are being carried out by the Superintendent for the benefit of families served by the school. The School Board is not normally actively involved in the day-to-day operations of the school.


The School Board also supports Mountainview’s accreditation process, ensuring that MCS meets the high standards of its accrediting bodies, the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) and the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC). 


Complaints and Grievances

MCS parents, students, and staff may follow the grievance process below. Complaints and grievances that are related to teaching and the classroom should be handled in the following manner:

  1. Speak directly to the classroom teacher
  2. If there is no resolution, contact the principal
  3. Issues related to the social and emotional well-being of students can be directed to the counselor
  4. Issues or questions related to fees and payments should be directed to personnel in the finance office.
  5. In cases where a complaint or grievance is not resolved by talking with the teacher, principal, counselor, or finance office, it may be brought to the School Superintendent.
  6. If the issue or question remains unresolved after speaking with the Superintendent, the issue may be brought to a school board member who will inform the board chairman. The chairman will decide whether the issue should be brought before the board for discussion or to leave the final decision with the School Superintendent. 

Board Policy

ENDS (4 policies)

#1.10 Global Ends/Mission

#1.20 Recipients

#1.30 School Wide Learning Goals

#1.40 Cost



#2.10 Global Executive Constraint, includes Philosophy of Education Statement

#2.20 Communication and Support to the Board

#2.30 Ethical Interactions with Students/Parents

#2.31 Treatment of Faculty and Staff

#2.40 Contingency Plans, Emergency Succession and/or Temporary Absence

#2.50 Financial Planning and Budgeting

#2.51 Financial Condition and Activities

#2.52 Asset Protection

#2.53 Compensation and Benefits

#2.54 Ends Focus of Grants or Contracts

#2.55   Privacy and Protection of Stakeholder Information

#2.60 Admissions

#2.70 Boarding Program

#2.80 Colateral Cooperation

#2.90 Faculty Supplied by Agencies

#2.91 Faculty and Staff Recruitment, Employment and Termination

#2.92 Faculty Enrichment



#3.10 Global Governance Commitment

#3.11 Definition of Primary Stakeholders

#3.20 Governing Style

#3.30 Board Job Description

#3.31 Agenda Planning

#3.32 Chairperson’s Role

#3.33 Treasurer’s Role

#3.34 Secretary’s Role

#3.35 Board Composition

#3.36 Board Members’ Code of Conduct

#3.37 Board Committee Principles

#3.40 Cost of Governance

#3.50 Crisis Management Team

#3.60 Board-Yayasan Linkage

#3.61 Board Agency Linkage

#3.70 Employment and Dismissal of Superintendent

#3.71 Superintendent Memo of Understanding, Assignment Description, Compensation and Benefits Agreement, and Statement of Faith

#3.72 Superintendent Evaluation



#4.10 Global Board-Superintendent Linkage

#4.20 Unity of Control

#4.30 Accountability of Superintendent

#4.40 Delegation to the Superintendent

#4.50 Monitoring Superintendent Performance