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Welcome to Mountainview!

This handbook has been written for you and for your parents. Please read it carefully. There are many topics discussed which will be vital to your having a good school experience this year.


ACSI AccreditedMountainview is accredited by the Association of Christian Schools, International (ACSI). Our students are provided with a quality Christian education and are tested regularly using NWEA’s Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) or other standardized testing to ensure that their performance level is comparable to that of their American peers. Our graduates go on to attend universities and colleges in America, South Korea, Europe, Canada, Australia and elsewhere.


The curriculum at Mountainview is American, with a Christian foundation and using materials from both Christian and secular publishers. In addition to the core curriculum of English, math, science, social studies and Ethics, we offer fine arts, physical education, life skills and various elective classes to broaden our students’ knowledge and experience.

To help students learn better and to provide other means of assessment in addition to tests and quizzes, our teachers provide a variety of activities, projects, and papers as appropriate to the subject matter and the students’ age.

Bible reading, scripture memory, and prayer are a part of life at Mountainview. In view of this an applicant should consider the following items:

  1. Enrollment in the school constitutes an agreement by the parents and the student to participate in Christian teaching and activities.
  2. All instruction at Mountainview is Christian in nature but non-denominational.
  3. All students must actively participate in Ethics classes, chapel, devotions, Bible memory work, and other religious activities of the school.
Goals for Each Student

Mountainview seeks to foster the following attitudes and behavior in all of their interactions with students—in the classroom, in extra-curricular activities and in disciplinary and counseling situations. We desire that each student will learn…

  1. To have an awareness of his/her identity in Christ, with an appreciation of his/her own culture, racial background, and family.
  2. To have sensitivity and respect for others, their background, abilities, and values.
  3. To attain self-discipline and a sense of responsibility for his choices and actions.
  4. To develop the ability to think logically for himself/herself, neither blindly accepting nor emotionally rejecting what he/she is taught.
  5. To understand the principles of Christian truth and to find a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.
  6. To desire knowledge, to enjoy discovery, and to search for truth in all areas of life.
  7. To feel appreciation and some responsibility for the physical world in which we live.
  8. To master the English language sufficiently to be able to communicate his/her own ideas effectively.
  9. To gain a broader perspective of time and places through literature and history.
  10. To gain mastery of a certain amount of math and the other tools of science through which he/she can discover and understand more of our physical universe.
  11. To develop some satisfaction in creativity through art, music, writing and appreciation of the artistic work of others.
  12. To develop foundations on which he/she can build to earn a living and contribute something worthwhile to his world.

To learn more about Mountainview's history, mission, vision, Philosophy of Education and Statement of Faith please visit the About Us pages.